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Level: 90

Get administrative Access to the Research Facility.


Recommended combat level: 80

Imperial Inquisitor[]

Speak to the Imperial Inquisitor to get access to the research facility.

  • Speak to Klex Fulgor, located in Camp Epsilon, and after a short conversation, you will get a comm message from Han Solo / Darth Vader / Guri and the quest will update.

Find the Key[]

Search the rooms of the facility and find the key.

  • Head over to the Administrative Building a short distance away from Camp Epsilon and search for a key on the dead bodies.
/wp dathomir -7369 -7464 Dead Imperial Officer;
/wp dathomir -7371 -7480 Dead Imperial Inquisitor;
/wp dathomir -7393 -7480 Dead Scout Trooper;
/wp dathomir -7379 -7459 Dead Stormtrooper - 2nd Floor;
/wp dathomir -7393 -7451 Dead Imperial Scientist - 2nd Floor;
  • After locating the key, the dead body(CL80) comes back to life and starts attacking you. You do not need to kill it. The quests updates.

Inquisitor Advice[]

Return to the Inquisitor and find out what to do next.

  • Head back to Klex Fulgor at Camp Epsilon and speak with him. After another short conversation, you will complete the quest.

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