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Level: 16


You have gotten Commander Barrezz his inventory of everything that was in the shipment. He now wants you to take the data to his slicer.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Commander Barrezz: Good job on getting the complete inventory. You need it get it to my slicer. But he is freelancing for some criminals. You need get to him, using any means necessary.

Get Data to Slicer[edit | edit source]

Things are getting more complicated, though you think you have a lead that will really pan out this time. You have found a reference to a Jem Lavar (-487 -7119). Go and speak with him (he is surrounded by Gunrunners (CL14)).

Conversation with Jem Lavar[edit | edit source]

Jem Lavar: I don't know how you did it, but Barrezz will be happy that you got me out of here.
PC: No problem. I need you to process this fast though.
Jem Lavar: Yes Barrezz said something about this before my ...job offer... from these gun runners. Ok give it to me.
PC: Here you go.
Jem Lavar: OK, lets try some filters ....durables..ownership history ... and droids.
PC: They are looking for a droid?
Jem Lavar: Yes. Didn't you know? Hmmm they must not have fully trusted you if they didn't tell you what they were actually looking for. Apparently this droid is carrying something extremely important.
PC: So who has it?
Jem Lavar: A junk dealer named Watto. I'll upload all the info into your datapad and send a copy off to your handler. Now its time for me to leave.
PC: Thanks.
Jem Lavar: You are welcome.

Once you talk to him, the quest will complete, and you are sent off to find a character called Watto in Mos Espa.

Commander Barrezz: I have received Lavar's transmission. You have done a great service for the Empire. I need you to retrieve that droid from this Watto.

Following Quest: Go See Watto >>

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