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Master Artisan
Engineering IV: Complex Systems Domestic Arts IV: Clothing Repair Business IV: Business Diversity Surveying IV: Regional Surveying
Engineering III: Advanced Concepts Domestic Arts III: Basic Desserts Business III: Business Ownership Surveying III: Exceptional Results
Engineering II: Hardware Design Domestic Arts II: Simple Tailoring Business II: Advanced Sales Surveying II: Increased Range
Engineering I: Tinkering Domestic Arts I: Simple Cooking Business I: Access Fees Surveying I: Improved Results
Novice Artisan

Profession Overview[]

Artisan is a Starting Profession that allows for the creation of general items such as vehicles as well as various tools and components. Many professions are reliant on the Artisan's abilities. For example, crafters who want to make complicated products requiring certain components rely on Artisan to provide those parts.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 18,000 Surveying XP (granted for hand sampling resources with a Survey Tool)
  • 46,500 General Crafting XP (granted for crafting general items in Artisan)

Base Skills Overview[]

Artisans make everything your heart could desire. When players need housing decorations, new weapons, or a fancy new ship they reach out to their local artisan for assistance. The artisan can take looted schematics and turn them into that specific item with the right resource handy.

The basic Artisan profession comprises various skill sets, three leading to elite professions.


Engineering is the start of most of the elite professions for an Artisan. Here you will start to learn the basics of each elite profession, including gaining knowledge of harvesters, lower level weapons, and some extra crafting tool kits. If a character advances to Engineering IV they will have a base of each potential elite profession they can specialize in.


Artisans looking to specialize in food and drink, as well as making unique clothes should take a peak at the Domestics branch. Here you will be able to start making food and drinks that will provide buffs to the galaxy and make a name for yourself as Restorations next top Chef!


Artisans that want to be able to sell everything they have made will definitely need to spend some time gaining some Business Acumen. Artisans with skills in the Business tree will unlock more specialized vendors and be able to sell more items they are making with their elite professions.


One of the most important things an Artisan can do is hunt for resources. Investing in the Surveying skill tree will provide better results when looking for those rich resource spawns.

Elite Professions[]




Droid Engineer[]





Related Skill Mods[]

  • Armor Customization
  • Artisan Assembly
  • Artisan Experimentation
  • Clothing Customization
  • Hiring
  • Surveying
  • Vendor Item Limit
  • Vendors


Name Command Description Granted At
Access Fees This ability allows you to place an access fee on any public building you own. Entry to a building with an access fee set is restricted to players who have paid the fee. Business I: Access Fees
Customize Vehicle Master Artisan
Premium Auctions For an additional fee, you can place a Premium Auction on the bazaar. These auctions are highlighted on the list of sales, drawing additional attention to your item. Business II: Advanced Sales
Sample Resource The sample command is used in conjunction with a sample tool. When you sample, your character will take a sample of whatever resource you last selected from the sample tool UI. This allows you to perform sampling without using the sample tool UI. Novice Artisan
Survey Resource The survey command is used in conjunction with a sample tool. When you survey your character will survey for whatever resource you last selected in the sample tool UI. This allows you to perform a survey without using the sample tool UI. Novice Artisan