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Level: 17


Watto isn't sure what happened to all the parts of the droid. He's given you a thin lead at best. Looks like it's up to you to recover the droid parts.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Talk to Peggin[edit | edit source]

Watto gives you a lead on the location of one of the parts you need (Watto broke up the droid and sold it for scrap, predictably). Locate Pegin Dulin (-2977 1911) and speak with him.

Conversation with Pegin Dulin[edit | edit source]

Peggin Dulin: Hi, what do you need?
PC: I am looking for a droid casing you bought from Watto.
Peggin Dulin: Why would you be looking for that?
PC: Do you have the casing?
Peggin Dulin: No, it didn't work with the standard R2 components I had, so I threw it out.
PC: When was this?
Peggin Dulin: Just a couple of days ago, but it won't do you any good. The Jawas already came and sifted through the trash. The casing was one of the first things they took.
PC: Can you tell me where the Jawas went?
Peggin Dulin: Sure, to their trading fort. Here are the directions.
PC: Thank you.

Go to the Jawa Trading Post[edit | edit source]

He'll send you to The Jawa Fortress (-6152 1811) POI. Speak with the droid C4-ZX (-6152 1811).

Conversation with C4-ZX[edit | edit source]

C4-ZX: My master bids you good day, and asks what you are interested in buying.
PC: I'm here about a droid you salvaged from a trash pile in Mos Espa.
C4-ZX: My master requests that I inform you that anything he finds that has been discarded is his now. He does not have to return it.
PC: I would be willing to purchase it from you.
C4-ZX: Indeed, that is a different case. What particular item were you interested in?
PC: A body casing from an R2 droid that was discarded there.
C4-ZX: Yes, this item is known to him. However, he does not have it any longer.
PC: Where is it now?
C4-ZX: My master sold it to a miner that had found a rich robonium survey to the northeast.
PC: Can you be more specific than that?
C4-ZX: His rebuilt R2 droid had one of our restraining bolts on it. My master believes he can find the droid's location using that.
PC: How long will that take?
C4-ZX: He is already done. Here is the location of the lost droid.
PC: Thank you.
C4-ZX: Good day, sir.

Find the Miner[edit | edit source]

Note: For the following tasks, options>misc>"show all object names" will help you to quickly locate the items and get out of there.

C4-ZX will send you to a local miners camp, which is besieged by Sandpeople (CL18). Speak with the injured Miner, and your Quest will update.

Conversation with the wounded miner[edit | edit source]

A wounded miner: No! Please stop! You already have everything I own. Please, let me live.
PC: I'm not here to hurt you.
A wounded miner: Wha... What? Why are you here? Where are the Tuskens?
PC: The Tuskens are dead. I have killed them.
A wounded miner: I think it's too late for me, everything is turning black.

Retrieve the Droid Casing[edit | edit source]

Find and click on the droid Chassis in the tent nearby to finish the quest, and then return to Watto.

Watto: You got the chassis? A woman here in Mos Espa bought the legs. Her name was ahh... Syndil, maybe. Anyway she has her own problem she would like help with, and will be contacting you soon. She gave me a speeder deed to give to you as payment up front for your help.

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