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Skill tree
Master Brawler
Unarmed IV One-Handed IV Two-Handed IV Polearms IV
Unarmed III One-Handed III Two-Handed III Polearms III
Unarmed II One-Handed II Two-Handed II Polearms II
Unarmed I One-Handed I Two-Handed I Polearms I
Novice Brawler

Profession Overview[]

For those who prefer close combat and more historic weaponry, Brawler may the choice for you.

The Brawler Starting Profession introduces characters to the world of melee combat. Players learn the basic use of the four categories of melee weapons: unarmed, one-handed, two-handed, and polearms. Characters wishing to specialize in one melee weapon can go on to several elite professions. A few hybrid professions use the Brawler tree as well, but in conjunction with ranged prerequisites from Marksman.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements to master:

  • 91,000 One-Handed XP (granted for killing MOBs with a one-handed weapon)
  • 91,000 Polearm XP (granted for killing MOBs with a polearm)
  • 91,000 Two-Handed XP (granted for killing MOBs with a two-handed weapon)
  • 91,000 Unarmed XP (granted for killing MOBs with an unarmed weapon)
  • 35,000 Combat XP (granted along with any weapon XP as 10% of the weapon XP gained)


Note: The following information may not be correct as of the beta. In that case, try the guild halls in Mos Eisley for all trainers. You can find a Brawler Trainer in one of the following locations:

  • Keren, Naboo, (1537, 2757)
  • Keren, Naboo, (1823, 2625)
  • Keren, Naboo, (1890, 2725)
  • Moenia, Naboo, (4710, -499)
  • Moenia, Naboo, (4800, -4734)
  • Moenia, Naboo, (4999, -4926)
  • Theed, Naboo, (-5942, 4253)
  • Theed, Naboo, (-5467, 4089)
  • Theed, Naboo, (-4858, 4086)
  • Theed, Naboo, (-4684, 3947)
  • Narmle, Rori, (-5212, -2449)
  • Restuss, Rori, (5457, 5814)
  • Restuss, Rori, (5335, 5530)
  • Dearic, Talus, (549, -2934)
  • Dearic, Talus, (551, -2886)
  • Nashal, Talus, (4286, 5395)
  • Nashal, Talus, (4409, 5287)
  • Bestine, Tatooine, (-1277, -3539)
  • Bestine, Tatooine, (-1266, -3596)
  • Mos Eisley, Tatooine, (3460, -4658)
  • Mos Eisley, Tatooine, (3498, -4764)
  • Mos Entha, Tatooine, (1311, 3088)
  • Mos Entha, Tatooine, (1387, 3043)
  • Mos Entha, Tatooine, (1741, 3117)
  • Mos Espa, Tatooine, (-3030, 2431)
  • Mos Espa, Tatooine, (-2932, 2125)
  • Labor Outpost, Yavin IV (-6921, -5761) (in Hotel)

Base Skills Overview[]

Each branch in Brawler teaches players how to use one of the different melee weapons categories: unarmed, one-handed, two-handed, and polearms. While each branch contains the same basic melee combat specials, you do learn skill mods specific for each weapon category as you move up each branch.

Related Skill Mods[]

  • General Melee Accuracy
  • General Melee Speed
  • Melee Defense
  • One-handed Melee Defense
  • One-handed Weapon Accuracy
  • One-handed Weapon Speed
  • Polearm Accuracy
  • Polearm Defense
  • Polearm Speed
  • Ranged Defense
  • Two-handed Melee Accuracy
  • Two-handed Melee Defense
  • Two-handed Melee Speed
  • Unarmed Accuracy
  • Unarmed Damage
  • Unarmed Defense
  • Unarmed Speed


Name Command Description Granted At
Armor Break /armorbreak This melee ability reduces your target's armor effectiveness. Two-Handed IV
Bleed Attack /bleedattack This melee attack causes bleeding wounds that continue to damage the target even after the initial strike. One-Handed IV
Center of Being /centerofbeing This command will cause your character to focus on avoiding combat blows. This will only apply when you are wielding a melee weapon. Polearms I One-Handed II Two-Handed III Unarmed I
Knockdown Recovery /knockdownrecovery Allows you to recovery from Knocked Down state immediately. Novice Brawler
Leg Sweep /legsweept This melee attack does minimal damage but has a good chance of knocking down an opponent. Unarmed IV
Lunge /lunge This melee attack has an extended range potential. Polearms III One-Handed I Two-Handed II Unarmed III
Melee Assault /meleeassault This melee attack does more damage than Melee Hit and Melee Strike but with higher ability costs. Master Brawler
Melee Strike /meleestrike This melee attack does more damage than Melee Hit but has a slight ability cost. Polearms II One-Handed III Two-Handed I Unarmed II
Parry Riposte Stance /parryripostestance This stance grants a defensive benefit as well as reflecting a portion of the incoming damage back at the source. Master Brawler
Sweep Attack /sweepattack This melee attack does minimal damage with a good chance of knocking down any opponent in melee range. Polearms IV
Taunt /taunt Increases the aggro that a mob in combat has towards you. This ability is useful to get mobs to attack you instead of other party members. Novice Brawler