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Skill tree
Master Creature Handler
Creature Taming IV Creature Training IV Creature Empathy IV Creature Management IV
Creature Taming III Creature Training III Creature Empathy III Creature Management III
Creature Taming II Creature Training II Creature Empathy II Creature Management II
Creature Taming I Creature Training I Creature Empathy I Creature Management I
Novice Creature Handling

Profession Overview[]

Becoming a Creature Handler will allow you to tame wild creatures, training them to become useful companions and allies providing extra health and damage in battle, as well as abilities that can apply buffs or debuffs. Some can even learn to provide boons outside of combat, such as stat boosts for crafting or becoming mounts.

To learn Novice Creature Handler you must first learn Exploration IV and Hunting IV in the Scout skill tree. Mastering the entire Creature Handler skill tree requires 63 skill points and 5 900 000 Creature Handling experience, as well as 65 000 Scouting experience for learning Novice Creature Handler. Creature Handling experience is primarily gained by killing mobs with your pet out, granting as much XP as it grants weapon experience.

Using Creature Handler[]

To utilise your Creature Handling abilities you must first get a companion. You acquire these either by hatching eggs that can be created by Bio-Engineers or by taming wild creatures (which currently generates an egg). To start out you must find baby variants of wild beasts that can spawn from nests. This uses your Taming Wild Creatures, so initially you'll only be able to Tame lower level creatures.

Once you've acquired and hatched an egg your pets will be stored in your data-pad and can be called/stored in a manner similar to vehicles.

You can also learn Pet Abilities that can be taught to your pet using the Train Pet ability. You learn Pet Abilities by using Creature Knowledge on wild beasts who may innately know some abilities. Some special pet abilities are unlocked through collections or taught by Beast Trainers.

Related Skill Mods[]

  • Ability Acquisition Bonus
  • Additional Combat Command
  • Additional Pets
  • Attention Penalty Reduction
  • Beast Armor Percent
  • Beast Attack Speed Percent
  • Beast Damage Percent
  • Beast Happiness
  • Beast Hitpoint Percent
  • Beast Movement Rate
  • Beast Recover Percent
  • Beast Revive Speed
  • Create Mount
  • Mask Scent
  • Max level of pets
  • Stored Pets
  • Taming Vicious Creatures
  • Taming Wild Creatures


Name Command Description Granted At
Creature Knowledge Creature Taming I
Enrage Pets Creature Empathy IV
Heal Beast Creature Empathy I
Pet Command Attack Novice Creature Handling
Pet Command Follow Novice Creature Handling
Pet Command Friend Creature Management III
Pet Command Guard Creature Training II
Pet Command Patrol Creature Training III
Pet Command Stay Novice Creature Handling
Pet Command Store Novice Creature Handling
Revive Beast Novice Creature Handling
Soothing Comfort Creature Empathy IV
Train Mount Creature Management IV
Train Pet /train Novice Creature Handling
Trick 1 Creature Training IV

Creature Abilities[]