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Level: 15


Some of the cargo that you are tracking has ended up in the hands of the Darklighter clan. You need to get a complete inventory of what they purchased.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

The Valarians are involved, but you aren't sure just how. You have a clue, however, to check with the Darklighters, a prominent family on the planet.

Talk to Guard[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Darklighter warehouse cave (-260 -6930), and talk to the guard.

Conversation with Draci[edit | edit source]

Draci: They just blew their way in!
PC: Who did?
Draci: Desert Demons. I couldn't do anything to stop them, and they are cleaning the place out.
PC: How much time do we have before it's all cleared out?
Draci: 15 minutes tops.
PC: I've got to run then.
Draci: So you are just another looter.

Inventory the Cache[edit | edit source]

He will tell you that the place has been overrun with Valarian looters. You ask how long they'll take to clear the place, and he tells you 15 minutes (this is a timed mission). In the process of clearing the cave, what is really important is the five terminals inside the cave which contain shipping information pertaining to your search. The cave is linear, so they are not difficult to locate. The first two are down the left tunnel at the first big cavern. The remaining three are through the right cavern.

Careful, the cave is guarded by moderately heavy hitting Desert Demons and Dune Stalkers (both CL13-14). For the first 2 Lot #s, you can (carefully) run through the cave with the map open to collect the first two terminals guarded by Desert Demons (who will knock you down.) Be extra cautious about the following three terminals guarded by Dune Stalkers, as they will also knock you down, as well as root your character, and hit you with various debuffs like warcry and armor break. Burst Run can be helpful here. Once you have located and activated all five terminals, the quest ends and the journal updates.

Captain Carh'la Bastra / Commander Barrezz: Well Done. I have credited your account. I need to get this data to my slicer now.

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