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Eliminate members of the Spider Clan is a repeatable quest given by Rubina. You need to complete this quest 5 times for the collection.

Level: 85

Travel to the location provided. Wipe out any members of the Spider Clan and bring back a keepsake!


Recommended combat level: 80

Kill Spider Clan Members[]

The witches of the Spider Clan are sworn enemies of both the Nightsisters and the Singing Mountain Clan. Travel around this general area and search for members of the Spider Clan. Kill spider clan members you find and bring their clan emblems back to Rubina as proof of your success.

  • Travel to the waypoint provided.
  • Upon arrival, you will see Spider Clan members all around. You will need to kill them, until you have five Spider Clan emblems. They will not always drop them.
  • After getting all of the Spider Clan emblems, the quest updates.

Return to Rubina[]

Return to Rubina with the Spider Clan Emblems.

  • Make your way back to Rubina at the waypoint provided. After you arrive, the quest updates again.

Use one of the Storage Baskets[]

Use the storage basket of the clan with whom you wish to improve your standing.

  • You are given the choice to store the Spider Clan emblems in the Nightsister Storage Basket or the Singing Mountain Storage Basket.
    • The choice reflects which faction you wish to support.
  • After storing the Spider Clan emblems in a either storage basket, the quest updates for a final time.

Talk to Rubina[]

You have stored the Spider Clan emblems in the [Singing Mountain Clan / Nightsister Clan] basket. Talk to Rubina again to finish this task.

  • Speak to Rubina again.

Nightsister Path
Rubina: So you have decided to contribute the trophies from your carnage to the Nightsisters?
You: Yes, I hope they can still feel the pain and fear held in each piece.

Singing Mountain Clan Path
Rubina: You are contributing the gifts you have gathered to the Singing Mountain Clan?
You: Yes, each one is proof that I will never concede to evil.

Rubina: Indeed. My thanks for your efforts, Dearie.


Speak with Rubina again to receive another one of her quests,