Skill tree
Master Force Defender
Melee Defense IV Ranged Defense IV Force Defense IV Preternatural Defense IV
Melee Defense III Ranged Defense III Force Defense III Preternatural Defense III
Melee Defense II Ranged Defense II Force Defense II Preternatural Defense II
Melee Defense I Ranged Defense I Force Defense I Preternatural Defense I
Novice Force Defender

Profession Overview

Force Defenders are tanks among Jedi. With high defenses and outstanding abilities, they can take an incredible amount of damage in any situation (culminating in the ability to completely avoid incapacitation). Force Defense is the only Jedi discipline that grants any form of defense to a Jedi (aside from Lightsaber's saber block), and thus is essential to nearly every Jedi template.

This profession requires 89 skill points to master, XX of which go towards prerequisites.

Discipline Summary

  • Damage reduction (innate armor)
  • Damage avoidance (melee, ranged, and Force)
  • State defenses
  • Combat survivability
  • Single opponent control through aggro management (PvE)


Name Command FC Description Granted At
Avoid Incapacitation /avoidincapacitation 1000 Prevents the Jedi from becoming incapacitated when his/her Health reaches 0. Master Defender
Dominate Mind (Improved) /dominatemind 125 Increases a MOB's aggro towards the Jedi. Melee Defense II, IV
Force Aura (Improved) /forceaura 150 Greatly increases ranged, melee, force, and state defenses. Force Defense II, IV
Force Valor (Improved) /forcevalor 150 Increases the Jedi's Lightsaber Block chance at the cost of damage output. Preternatural Defense II, IV

Note: FC = Force Cost when using ability.

Innate Armor

Jedi Innate Armor grants Jedi an armor effectiveness comparable to high-end armor suits. The level of protection is equal to a character's skill modifier times 10. A Master Defender thus has innate armor with a rating of 7000, and a Jedi with no Force Defense has an armor rating of 2000 (due to the Jedi Initiate skill).

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