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Skill tree
Master Force Healing
Rejuvenation IV Restoration IV Assist IV Purification IV
Rejuvenation III Restoration III Assist III Purification III
Rejuvenation II Restoration II Assist II Purification II
Rejuvenation I Restoration I Assist I Purification I
Novice Force Healing

Profession Overview[]

Jedi Healers use their mastery over the restorative powers of the Force to heal damage, wounds, and debuffs from themselves and their comrades. The three main Jedi healing abilities allow followers of this discipline to keep mutiple allies alive in combat, including the ability to bring someone from near death back to full life. Healers can also use their knowledge to impede an opponent's ability point regeneration or reduce a target's ability to resist state effects.

Aside from the use of stim packs, Force Healing is the only way for Jedi to heal themselves. The first branch of this discipline is very popular among Jedi templates, as it grants the ability to heal for 1500 health points every two seconds.

This profession requires 89 skill points to master, XX of which go towards prerequisites.

Discipline Summary[]

  • Single target damage recovery (high) and DOT/state removal
  • Single opponent debuffs
  • Single target heal over time

Related Skill Mods[]

Totals shown at the Master level

  • Force Power Max +2800
  • Force Power Regeneration +26


Name Command FC Description Granted At
Cure Disease /curedisease 75 Removes a disease DOT from target. Purification II
Cure Poison /curepoison 75 Removes a poison DOT from target. Purification III
Force Extinguish (Improved) /forceextinguish 75/50 Removes a fire DOT from target. Restoration II, IV
Force Heal (Improved, Advanced) /forceheal 60/110/160 Heals your target for 500, 1000, or 1500 health points. Novice Healer, Rejuvenation II, IV
Force Infusion (Improved) /forceinfusion 10 Gradually heals your target over time. Rejuvenation I, III
Force Sap (Improved) /forcesap 175 Greatly reduces your target's Action and Mind regeneration rates. Assist II, IV
Force Shock (Improved) /forceshock 175 Reduces your target's state defenses. Assist I, III
Heal States /healstates 50 Removes any blind, dizzy, or stun states. Purification IV
Stop Bleeding /stopbleeding 75 Removes a bleeding DOT from target. Purification I
Total Heal /totalheal 325+ Fully

heals target, cures all wounds and battle fatigue, and removes any states or DOTs from them. Force Cost dependent on amounts healed.

Master Healer

Note: FC = Force Cost when using ability.