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Skill tree
Master Force Wielder
Lightning IV Subjugate IV Diminish IV Psychokineses IV
Lightning III Subjugate III Diminish III Psychokineses III
Lightning II Subjugate II Diminish II Psychokineses II
Lightning I Subjugate I Diminish I Psychokineses I
Novice Force Wielder

Profession Overview[]

Force Wielders harness the Force to directly attack their enemies without the use of a traditional lightsaber. They are masters of manipulating the environment to assault the senses of their foes, culminating in the generation of Force Lightning and the knowledge to completely disappear. They also gain the ability to inflict numerous states upon their opponents, including knock downs and snares. This discipline is intended to be a viable alternative to the Lightsaber discipline for Jedi offense, with Force Hit and Force Strike acting as "default" attacks.

Force Powers attacks benefit from General Ranged Accuracy and Force Accuracy skill mods to determine their chance of hitting (they do not benefit from General Ranged Speed, however). All powers can be used from up to 32m away, and are considered "ranged" attacks; thus, your enemies can defend against them by raising their Ranged Defense. However, other Jedi cannot block your attacks with their lightsabers.

This profession requires 89 skill points to master, XX of which go towards prerequisites.

Discipline Summary[]

  • Medium range damage dealing (single and crowd)
  • Opponent control through snares and KD
  • Opponent damage reduction (single and crowd)
  • Single opponent stat debuff
  • Single opponent Force debuff
  • Limited location specific attacks (head only)
  • Force DOT (incurable)
  • Stealth ability

Related Skill Mods[]

Totals shown at the Master level

  • Force Accuracy +140
  • Force Choke +5
  • Force Damage +200
  • Force Power Max +2800
  • Force Power Regeneration +26
  • General Ranged Accuracy +75


Name Command FC Description Granted At
Force Breach /forcebreach 300 Removes all Force buffs from target. Master Force Wielder
Force Choke /forcechoke 320 Chokes your target, draining their health over 5 seconds. Master Force Wielder
Force Cloak /forcecloak 150+ Removes

the Jedi from radar, makes them physically invisible, and prevents them from being attackable. Force Cost varies with the number of nearby objects.

Subjugate IV
Force Hit /forcehit 75 Default low-cost Force ranged attack. Akin to Saber Hit and Ranged Shot. Novice Force Wielder
Force Intimidate (Improved) /forceintimidate 200 Intimidates all targets in a cone in front of you. Improved version works over a 16m area around you. Diminish II, IV
Force Knockdown (Improved) /forceknockdown 125 Knocks down your target. Improved version acts over a cone in front of you. Psychokineses II, IV
Force Lightning (Improved) /forcelightning 125/175 Attacks your target with a shower of lightning. Lightning I, III
Force Lightning Area (Improved) /forcelightningarea 250/275 Attacks all targets in a cone in front of you with a shower of lightning. Lightning II, IV
Force Strike /forcestrike 125 Focuses an energy attack at your target. Psychokineses III
Force Throw (Improved) /forcethrow 150 Attacks a target and stuns them. Improved version acts over a cone in front of you. Psychokineses I, III
Force Weaken (Improved) /forceweaken 175 Lowers target's maximum health, action, and mind, while also snaring them. Diminish I, III
Mind Blast (Improved) /mindblast 125 Hits your target's head with an energy attack, with a chance to stun and dizzy them. Improved version acts over a cone in front of you.

Note: FC = Force Cost when using ability.

Damage Types[]

Force Wielder powers use the following damage types:

  • Force Breach: Energy
  • Force Choke: Kinetic
  • Force Intimidate: Energy
  • Force Hit: Kinetic
  • Force Knockdown: Kinetic
  • Force Lightning Single/Cone: Energy/Electrical
  • Force Strike: Energy
  • Force Throw: Kinetic
  • Force Weaken: Energy
  • Mind Blast: Energy