SWG-Restoration Wiki

Talking to Krya 'Naa inside Gamma Camp in the Quarantine Zone, will start this quest.

You are sent to take over from a guard whilst he takes his break, you will have to warn the camp of any mass attacks that take place, although none have happened for many hours.

Guard Post[]

Go to your guard post.

  • Head towards the waypoint given to you, around 20m away outside the camp. Once there, the quest updates.


Wait here while the entry guard takes a break.

  • Wait for 3 seconds and the quest updates again.


Survive the undead attack.

  • The player and the camp will be attacked by 12 CL60 Undead Attackers. You must survive 1 minute and kill all of the attackers.

Clean up the rest[]

Kill the rest of the wave.

  • If the player kills all the Undead Attackers before the 1 minute ends, this portion is skipped. If not, just kill the remainder of the Undead Attackers to update the quest.

Meet with Krya 'Naae[]

Go back to camp and meet with your contact to collect the reward.

  • Head back into Camp Gamma and talk with Krya 'Naa to turn in the quest.

Reward: 800 credits, 800 XP, and progress towards the Camp Defense badge

Quest is repeatable.