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Modified Scurrg H6 Prototype "Havoc"
File:Havoc Fighter.jpg
Certification Exotic Vessels
Mass ~184k

210k on SWG Legends

Role Medium Fighter
Crew Pilot, Gunner
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapons x3
Ordnance x2
Astromech Technology Flight Computer
Acceleration 40
Deceleration 45
Yaw Rate 250
Pitch Rate 250
Roll Rate 125
Speed Modifier 0.96

This ship is one of three that were added to the game as rewards for the Space Battles. Schematics for the Havoc Starfighter can be purchased using tokens from these battles at either the Imperial or Rebel or looted from the Galactic Moon Festival Undead city invasions. Token Vendors. Neutral pilot acquire certification of with ship with the Free Technology IV skill. This ship is very close from the Kimogila Starfighter.

Expanded Universe[]

File:Scurrg H-6 Bomber.png

Scurrg H-6

The Havoc was a unique, one-of-a-kind prototype constructed by the Nubian Design Collective. The Nubians hoped to sell an entire line of these formidable starfighters to the Naboo, but the pacifistic world rejected them as being too heavily armed.

The lead designer and engineer for the Havoc, a Bith named Jinkins, attempted fruitlessly to convince the Collective that the Scurrg H-6 model still had hope. After a few years of worthless lobbying, the Collective placed the bomber into indefinite storage.

A disillusioned Jinkins conspired with Nym to steal the bomber, and after their narrow escape, they set out to form the Lok Revenants. The intricate design on the Havoc's wings was the logo of the pirate band, which established a permanent base on the planet Lok.

Havoc Starfighter Chassis Blueprints