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Incom X-4
Incom X4.jpg
Certification Alliance Ace Pilot
Mass ~3 million
Role Multipassenger ship, Transporter, Battleship, Escort
Crew Pilot (2 guns), co-pilot/operations officer, gunner x6
Weapon Mounts 2 pilot controlled gun mounts that can be equipped with countermeasure launchers or guns.
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 10
Deceleration 10
Yaw Rate 10
Pitch Rate 10
Roll Rate 10
Speed Modifier 0.60
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Incom X-4[]

The gunships employed by the Rebellion are armed to the teeth for occasions when Imperial entanglements cannot be avoided. The Incom X4 gunship boasts two forward mounted guns, three mounted turrets on the top, and three mounted turrets on the bottom.

Like the gunships employed by neutral factions and Imperials, the Rebel gunship has a spacious interior with more than enough room to stretch your legs. Each gunship consists of multiple levels that can hold a number of items and cargo. Capable of lightspeed, storage, and combat, these gunships can fulfill a variety of needs for pilots and passengers venturing into space.

Star Wars Lore[]

The X4 Gunship was an assault gunship built by the Incom Corporation and employed by the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.


The ship's multiple decks provided adequate room for passengers and cargo. It was heavily armed with two forward mounted guns, three mounted turrets on the top and three mounted turrets on the bottom.

The ship now holds 150 items for decoration, but will be able to use collections and veteran rewards to increase that limit.

As a bonus, the ship receives +10% defence increase for every turret with a player inside of it making the maximum possible defence of 160%

Behind the scenes[]

This gunship, also known as the "Assault Gunboat" or "Rebel Gunboat" was introduced in Jump to Lightspeed, the first expansion to Star Wars Galaxies, in 2004. Along with the Imperial Ye-4 Gunship, the X4 is one of the most dangerous AI-controlled enemies in the space part of the game. They can be found in the Kessel system and deep space, but also spawn during several missions.


The single use schematic for this ship is a Chapter 8 collection reward, Granted after completing all five collection tiers for the Imperial Pilot Quota Progress. A three use schematic is granted to a shipwright after crafting twenty gunships.