Trials are started at a Force Shrine after training around 200 Jedi skillpoints

Trial 1:

Defeat 200 Bols on Dantooine

Trial 2:

Defeat 3 Ancient Bull Rancors on Dathomir

Trial 3:

Defeat 2 Giant Dune Kimogilas 

Trial 4:

Defeat 1 Krayt Dragon Ancient

Trial 5:

Defeat the Ackley in the Geonosian Cave Dungeon

Trial 6:

Help Jedi Master Erym Kafialp uncover the truth of what happened to his padawan.

note: The actions taken during this quest will determine your faction and FRS alignment. These choices are permanent. Choose wisely

Trial 7:

defeat 47 Rebel Commandos or Storm Commandos

Trial 8:

Defeat 22 Generals

Rebel Targets:

  • imperial surface marshal
  • imperial high general
  • imperial general

Imperial Targets:

  • rebel high general
  • rebel surface marshal
  • rebel general

Trial 9:

Defeat 4 of the following in the Corellian Corvette instance

Rebel Target: Novatrooper Elite Commander Imperial Target: Rebel Rear Admiral

Trial 10:

Restuss Mystery Hunt trial.

Dark Trooper and Rebel Commando in Restuss.