Mos A'Sharad is located about 1.4km south-west of Krayt's Graveyard. The of aim of the city is to provide shuttling to allow for easier access to krayt farming.

Mos A'Sharad amenities Edit

  • Guild Hall, Mos A'Sharad
  • Shopping Centre
    • Furniture + Deed vendor
    • BARC vendor​
  • Bank
  • Shuttle
  • Terminals
    • Mission Terminals
    • Bounty Terminals
    • Cloning Facility
    • Garage
  • Hospital
  • Krayt Farming
  • Cantina
  • No taxes

Mos A'Sharad future developments Edit

  • Theatre

*New citizens can obtain a "Tatooine Small House (Floorplan 1 w/ Windows)"(25,000 GC value) deed for free.

NOTE: *This means for each character you bring to the city, a house is provided free of charge for the new citizen.

The current mayor of Mos A'Sharad is Hicks. The current leader of the city's only guild, Krayt's Pointe, is Kewoo. If you have any inquiries regarding the city, or acquiring a permit to place a vendor inside of the shopping centre, please contact Kewoo via mail, or long-range (whispering/tells) communication devices.