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Level: 17


Watto thinks he sold the droid's legs to a woman here in Mos Espa. He's given you directions to her home.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Syndil: Hello? You were the one who wanted to know about the droid legs I bought, right? Well, an Imperial Captain just came and took them. My friend went after him to get the legs back, but I haven't heard from him in a while. Last time he contacted me he was at this position. It's a long way so I had Watto send you a speeder to help you.

Illegal Goods[edit | edit source]

Syndil sends you to locate her pilot friend who just took out an imperial AT-ST. (-7254,3878) The pilot is located at (-7217,3870). Speak to the pilot to proceed. The pilot denies any involvement with the destroyed AT-ST and leaves you to fight the Tusken raiders for the following part.

Conversation with the downed pilot[edit | edit source]

A downed pilot: Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?
PC: Your friend Syndil sent me, she is worried about you.
A downed pilot: She worries too much.
PC: What are you doing here?
A downed pilot: I saw this scout walker get blown up. Thought I would check it for survivors.
PC: Don't give me that, Syndil told me you blew it up in your starfighter.
A downed pilot: What does she know? She's not exactly the swiftest speeder in the race, if you know what I mean.
PC: You're the one that told her, what does that make you?
A downed pilot: I didn't tell her anything. She makes stuff up. I'm certainly not going to attack a scout walker and become a fugitive.
PC: Well, you're here. The wreckage is here. Seems pretty cut and dried.
A downed pilot: Delusions. Sun-baked delusions, pal. I'm out of here. Good luck with those Tuskens down there.
PC: What a hero.
A downed pilot: Better than a corpse.

Payment Due[edit | edit source]

Note: For the following task, options>misc>"show all object names" will help you to quickly locate the item and get out of there.

The Tusken Raiders (CL 18) Spawn very fast so you have to be quick. Run in get the legs and get out. The legs are located in the Tusken Camp in a tent at (-7210, 3812).

Conversation with Watto[edit | edit source]

Watto: Ahh, you were able to find the legs after all, eh?
PC: Yes. An Imperial Captain confiscated them from Syndil.
Watto: What?! I want nothing to do with the Empire. Nothing but trouble!
PC: I didn't mention you Watto. They are all dead anyway.
Watto: Ahh, that is good, I think. Dead men tell no tales, eh? Here is the money for the salvage, anyway.
PC: Ok, now what about the motivator. Do you know where it is?
Watto: I sold it as two different parts. The first one went to a man who wanted to race the boonta eve classic podrace track. I told him he was crazy, but he would not listen.
PC: Hasn't that race been outlawed?
Watto: For many years now. He said it would be no problem. He had sliced a new behavioral matrix into his R2 unit. All he needed from me was a high-torque droid motivator.
PC: And the droid I am looking for had one?
Watto: Aye, that it did. So I sold it to him at a special price.
PC: Very kind of you.
Watto: Eh? Never you mind that. I found out a week later he had smashed up his pod on a canyon turn.
PC: Do you have a location for that wreck?
Watto: Why would you want that? There must not be anything left after all the looters.
PC: It's worth a look. Do you have the location?
Watto: No. I don't, but I might know who does. An'Kwee is a swoop racer in Mos Entha. If she doesn't know where the wreck happened, she at least will know who does.
PC: Why Watto, you're being especially helpful.
Watto: Eh, you bring me good parts.

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