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The Legacy questline is a string of lightly story driven missions that are useful for new players trying to gain experience and credits. The questline starts out on Tatooine in Mos Eisley and eventually takes players to several planets throughout the galaxy. Rewards for the questline include xp, a few million credits, and a variety of miscellaneous items such as house decorations and (mostly un-tradeable) buff items.

This quest series begins automatically after spawning into the game world. As soon as your character lands in Mos Eisley, Solo will send a message by commlink, beginning the questline with a set of missions to acquire a landspeeder.

Characters may choose to work in the Legacy Quest for either the Rebellion or the Empire. NOTE that this is not factional affiliation, and you do not need to be a member of either side's military to work for them and complete Legacy. The quests are the same, with the NPC contact sometimes being different. Completion of Legacy through the Naboo quests awards the player one of the following medals:

  • Medal of Bothawui (Rebel Naboo Legacy completion)
  • Medal of the Emperor's Fist (Imperial Naboo Legacy completion)

The stats on the medals are identical and require no factional affiliation to be worn.

Completion of the Corellian quests through Lt. Jaspers rewards the player with the following:

  • Medal for Distinguished Service

The first act of Legacy ends once the player recovers and drops off the four droid modules to their contact (Rebel or Imperial). An additional series of missions on Corellia have been added after act 1 to allow the player to continue the adventure. Captain Panaka of the RSF contacts the player immediately after completion of the Legacy to begin these quests.

New players who have had enough of Legacy can select and complete missions from Combat Mission Terminals instead. Alternatively, new players can talk directly to the NPC's Entha Kandela (3512, -4783), Peawp R'dawc (3468, -4672), or Purvis Arrison (3510, -4765) to take their quick tutoring quests for fast credits and rewards.

Lost veteran players looking to start Legacy can travel to Mos Eisley and speak with a green male Twi'lek NPC named Vourk ver'Zremp (3520, -4821)

Tatooine Quests (Updated for resto CU - Weapon reward stats coming soon)[]

Naboo Quests[]

  • The Tip-off
  • Tipping the balance
    • The Life and Death of Jonni Skaak
  • Report to Captain Typho
  • Report to Pooja Naberrie
    • Report to Major Franchels
      • Help with the aftermath of the Terrorist attack
    • Report to Sergeant Bragg
      • Tap the Communication of the Four Major Criminals
      • Report to Lieutenant Dunnels
        • Help Lt. Dunnels with ingredients to make Neural Boosters
      • Report to Sergeant Brunser
      • Bring Terror to the Terrorists
    • Go Speak with Hugo Eckner
      • Everyone Hates Borvo
      • Go to Toff Henrou
        • Doing Skaak Tipper Dirty Work
      • Return to Hugo Eckener
      • Go to Jorgellansel
      • Doing Darkwalker Deeds
      • Back to Hugo Eckner
      • Rescue Karl Eckner
  • Report to Lt. Sundria Khartoor
  • Find an Escaped Murderer
  • Chase an Escaped Murderer
  • Catch the Escaped Murderer
  • RSF Mainframe
    • Old Republic Droid Modules: The Mouse Droid
    • Old Republic Droid Modules: Borvo’s Battle Droid
    • Old Republic Droid Modules: The Droideka
      • Go to Vance Groten
      • Help Keep Dee'Ja Peak Safe
      • Find a Security Beacon
      • Do Vance Groten a Favor
      • Get the Security Beacon Back from the Mercenaries
      • Go to Tanoa Vills
      • Get the Parts for a Sequencer
      • Salvage the Equipment at the Crashed Shuttle
      • Find out what the Darkwalkers took from the Crashed Shuttle
      • Recover the stolen Bio-Scanner
      • Old Republic Droid Modules: The Droideka (part 2)
    • Old Republic Droid Modules: The Gungan Battle Droid
      • Recover the Gungan Artifact stolen by the Maulers
      • Recover the Gungan Artifact stolen by the Skaak Tippers
      • Recover the Gungan Artifact stolen by the Muskegs
      • Recover the Gungan Artifact stolen by the Darkwalkers
      • Recover all Six Pieces of the scattered Gungan Artifact
      • Find the Passcode for the Ultragungan Droids
      • Ultragungan Soldiers
    • Old Republic Droid Modules: The Gungan Battle Droid (part 2)
  • Bring the Droid Modules to Wilson Tchorshel / Bring the Droid Modules to Lt. Maximilian Vox

Corellia Quests[]

HINT: there are some Legacy quest legs that can be directly jumped to without previous accomplishments.

/way corellia -69 -4634 Lt. Jasper (CL 30 Coronet);
/way corellia -283 -4695 Lt. Joth (CL 33 Coronet);
/way corellia -5009 -2467 Sinis (CL 35 Tyrena);
  • Working for CorSec
  • Find the Missing Shipment of Starship Components
  • Reacquire the Missing Starship Component Shipment - Space Mission (Tier 1)
  • Coronet Starport Vandalism (Meatlumps)
  • Coronet Starport Vandalism (Ragtags) - Space Mission (Tier 1-2)
  • Help Farmer Pol Handerin
  • Working for the government
  • Help Get the Informant's Information
  • Find out what the Rogue CorSec are Doing
  • Search the Diktat's Office
  • Seek out the gadget specialist
  • Go to the source of the remote signal
  • Receive the thanks of the grateful Diktat
  • Speak to Lt. Joth - To skip space parts, start here
  • Coronet Murmurs: Tracking down rumors
  • Coronet Murmurs: Administrative Secrets
  • Coronet Murmurs: Agents of Destruction
  • Coronet Murmurs: Researching Manipulation
  • Coronet Murmurs: The Head Doctor
  • Coronet Murmurs: Clear Out the Zoo
  • Coronet Murmurs: Shut Them Down
  • Talk to Sinis in Tyrena
  • Crash and Burn
  • Speak with Cora
  • What Happened to Donovan?
  • Scavenger Cleanup
  • Deflarian Cleanup
  • Talk to Captain Jark
  • Let the Buyer Beware
  • Ragtag First Strike
  • A New Assignment
  • Disappearances: Gathering Information
  • Disappearances: A Solitary Life
  • Disappearances: Judgement
  • Disappearances: Finding the Culprits
  • Disappearances: Rescue
  • Disappearances: Final Reckoning
  • Situation Resolved
  • Talk To Bandor
  • Incriminating Evidence
  • Head Back to Kyran Silene
  • Speak with Major Walden
  • CorSec Case Files: Stolen Honor
  • CorSec Case Files: Assault and Battery
  • CorSec Case Files: The Lucky Mayor
  • CorSec Case Files: Ryll Smuggling Ring
  • CorSec Case Files: The Unlucky Mayor
  • Speak with Captain Baize
  • The Chirq Council: Seek Council
  • The Chirq Council: Assumed Identity - Part One
  • The Chirq Council: Assumed Identity - Part Two
  • The Chirq Council: Moving Up - Part One
  • The Chirq Council: Moving Up - Part Two
  • The Chirq Council: The Elite Council

Talus Quests[]

HINT: there are some Legacy quest legs that can be directly jumped to without previous accomplishments.

  • Travel to Talus
  • Talk to Kiki
  • Finding a Weakness
    • Under Your Thumb
    • Exploiting a Weakness
    • Gather the Missing
  • Address the Den Mother
  • Fellow Agent
  • Crisis of Allegiance
    • Rebel Investigation
      • Medical Officer
      • Report to the Rebels
    • Imperial Investigation
      • Mark Hieks, Deep Cover Agent
      • Report to the Imperials
  • Rescue Operation
  • Tracking the Crew
  • Evolution
  • Grim Discovery
  • Genocide
    • A Better Life Through Genetics
    • Plea for Pity
    • Find the Source

Corellia Quests[]

HINT: there are some Legacy quest legs that can be directly jumped to without previous accomplishments.

/way corellia -6358 357 Agent Jornel Savas (CL 50 Tyrena);
  • Contact the Corsec Agent
  • Talk to Lieutenant Varias in the Corsec camp
  • Locate the Lost Corsec Patrol
  • Reactivate the Communication Antenna
  • Find and Activate the Four Control Terminals
  • Destroy 10 Battle Droids
  • Destroy 10 Super Battle Droids
  • Destroy 5 Droidekas
  • Destroy the Prototype Droid
  • Disable the Droid Factory

Rori Quests[]

  • Traveling to Rori
  • Vengeance
    • Boba Fett Throws You To the Wolves
  • Lieutenant Orden Tarc
  • Right Handless Man
  • Revenge At Last


  • Nym's Themepark
  • After the Legacy Quest
  • Meatlumps Theme Park