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Description[edit | edit source]

So, you want to work for the Rebellion? Successful completion of the Legacy in the name of the Rebels up through the Naboo quests will earn you the following medal:

Note that this does not make you a member of the Rebel faction, it is merely a role-playing addition to the quests. If you wish to continue, go see Captain Carh'la Bastra in Anchorhead (128 -5428) on Tatooine. She will tell you where to go from here.

Conversation with Carh'la Bastra[edit | edit source]

Carh'la Bastra: So is Imperial Intelligence sending younglings to check up on me now?
PC: I am not an Imperial agent. I was the one that helped Solo.
Carh'la Bastra: Okay. Your bio-metrics check out with those sent to me by Inaldra. So why are you here?
PC: I've decided that I should help the rebellion.
Carh'la Bastra: I really have nothing to back up your word that you aren't an Imperial agent. But right now the Imps know the faces of most of my agents and I do need some help.
PC: I will do my best to help.
Carh'la Bastra: A shipment that I am interested in has been acquired by three different groups. A Jawa trading party, Valarians and Darklighters. Here is the information that I have. Let's start with the Jawas first. They are on a trade circuit. Here is their last known location.
PC: It will be done in a flash.

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