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TIE/ld Light Fighter
File:TIE Fighter.JPG
Certification Imperial Pilot Initiate
Mass ~12k
Role Light fighter
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x1
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 50
Deceleration 50
Yaw Rate 600
Pitch Rate 600
Roll Rate 300
Speed Modifier 0.95
Pictures Official screenshots

Game Info[]

Players who enter the Imperial faction as Imperial Pilots are given this Light TIE Fighter by their trainer to begin their career in space. It carries very little mass, but is enough ship to begin climbing the ranks of the naval pilot's corps.

  • Light TIE Fighter Chassis Blueprints

Star Wars Lore[]

TIE series starfighters shared a general design form of a roughly spherical or cylindrical cockpit pod attached to a set of solar panels. The cockpit and panels may be supplemented by other modules for ordnance or other functions. This design form carried over to the non-starfighter products, with the standard cockpit module used in the center of a land or sea vessel. The cockpit of a TIE was neither spacious nor luxurious, even when compared to other starfighters.

The TIE series got its name from the Twin Ion Engine, which was unveiled to the public by Raith Sienar in 22 BBY. Prototypes of TIE series starfighters may have been tested as early as 29 BBY. All TIE series starfighters had two or more ion engine outlets, linked to a solar ionization reactor and solar array wings. Except for advanced models, TIE series vessels were not generally equipped with hyperdrives, but they could be added as an option. Early TIE models tended to suffer noticeably in sublight performance if given this upgrade, due to the added mass of the hyperdrive and navicomputer systems.

Ships in the TIE series were usually armed with one or more laser cannons. More advanced fighters were equipped with a variety of warhead launchers, and the TIE Avenger and TIE Defender could be fitted with a small-scale tractor beam. Very few TIE starfighters were equipped with combat shielding, though they were included on the Avenger and Defender and could be retrofitted onto most TIE types. Retrofitting of this type was fairly common in the New Republic era, as ships and manpower became more valuable to Imperial forces. In 40 ABY, during the start of the Second Corellian Insurrection, the Aleph-class starfighter was produced by Sienar for the Galactic Alliance's Navy. Like its predecessors, the Aleph had a ball-shaped cockpit pod which was larger than that of a standard TIE variant. However, it was designed as a two-seater complete with an astromech droid socket and more weapons.


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