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Kimogila Starfighter
Certification Advanced Fighters
Mass ~210k

289k on SWG Legends

Role Medium fighter
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x3
Ordnance x2
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 350
Deceleration 350
Yaw Rate 100
Pitch Rate 100
Roll Rate 50
Speed Modifier 0.92
Pictures Style 1 Textures

Style 2 Textures

Able to be chosen by Privateer pilots at Tier 2, The M-12-L "Kimogila" Multi-role Starfighter, manufactured by MandalMotors, is considered to be the "Space Tank", of the middle-class starships. With heavy armor, and three weapon slots, this ship is a behemoth among other fighters. If players want a higher level ship to fit this one's purpose, they have to wait for the Krayt Gunship, showing how powerful and heavily armored the Kimogila really is. The numerous gun emplacements available aboard the M12 "Kimogila" allow it to serve as a heavy fighter, while its generous torpedo capabilities allow it to play the role of a 'bomber' in special circumstances. Due to its flexibility, this starfighter is beginning to enjoy a high degree of popularity among the free mercenaries in Dathomir and Endor.

Privateers can choose either this ship or the TransGalMeg "Kihraxz" Assault Fighter heavy fighter at Tier 2.

The "Style 1" Kimogila features one wing per side, while the "Style 2" design features 2 wings per side, stacked on top of each other.

  • Kimogila Chassis Blueprints - Style 1
  • Kimogila Chassis Blueprints - Style 2

Weapons configurations[]

While sluggish, this vehicle has the advantage of packing three weapons. It is a good idea to install an ion cannon as one of these weapons. An ion cannon combined with two laser cannons will efficiently decrease the shields of enemy starfighters - this is partucularly effective in linked salvos. It is a good idea to upgrade the weapons as your character advances. You should also install a pretty powerful reactor to keep up with the energy drain.

It is also a good idea to compensate for the lack of speed with a powerful shield generator and some thick armor. Once these modifications have been made, this fighter is actually quite useful for certain offensive missions.

Star Wars Lore[]

The Hutt crime organization, having set their sights on uncontested domination of the Galaxy's space smuggling and pilot / mercenary economies, returned to MandalMotors for yet another custom starship.