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Skill tree
Master Marksman
Rifles IV Pistols IV Carbines IV Ranged Support IV
Rifles III Pistols III Carbines III Ranged Support III
Rifles II Pistols II Carbines II Ranged Support II
Rifles I Pistols I Carbines I Ranged Support I
Novice Marksman

Profession Overview[]

Nothing like a good blaster on your side, especially in such a war-torn galaxy.

The Marksman Starting Profession introduces characters to the world of ranged combat. Players learn the basic use of the three major categories of ranged weapons: (rifles, carbines, and pistols), as well as support abilities that increase their versatility in combat. Characters wishing to specialize in one or more ranged weapons can go on to several elite and hybrid professions that branch off of Marksman.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements to master:

  • 91,000 Rifle XP (granted for killing MOBs with a rifle)
  • 91,000 Pistol XP (granted for killing MOBs with a pistol)
  • 91,000 Carbine XP (granted for killing MOBs with a carbine)
  • 30,550 Combat XP (granted along with any weapon XP as 10% of the weapon XP gained)

Base Skills Overview[]

Ranged Weapons[]

The first three branches in Marksman teach players how to use rifles, pistols, and carbines, respectively. Each branch contains the specials to increase combat effectivess. While CDEF weapons are basically the same, pistols generally are fast with low damage at close range, rifles are slower with high damage at long range, and carbines are in between.

Ranged Weapon Support Abilities[]

Marksmen also learn combat support abilities that can be useful in combat. These include posture changing attacks and valuable defense mods. The Ranged Support branch is required for almost every elite ranged profession.

Related Skill Mods[]

  • Carbine Accuracy
  • Carbine Defense
  • Carbine Speed
  • General Ranged Accuracy
  • General Ranged Speed
  • Melee Defense
  • Pistol Accuracy
  • Pistol Defense
  • Pistol Speed
  • Ranged Defense
  • Rifle Accuracy
  • Rifle Defense
  • Rifle Speed


Name Command SAC Dam. Mod. Description Granted At
Aim /aim 8/0* - Increases the accuracy of your next attack. Rifles IV
Aimed Shot /aimedshot 15/2 1.2 Accuracy bonus as well as increased damage. Rifles I Pistols II Carbines III
Dive Shot /diveshot 15/2 0.9 Attack target while going prone. Short defense bonus. Ranged Support II
Firearm Strike /firearmstrike 15/2 - Melee range attack that has a chance to Knock Down the opponent. Limited to 5m range and always does between 10 and 50 kinetic damage. Rifles III Pistols I Carbines II
Kip Up Shot /kipupshot 15/2 0.9 Attack target while changing to standing posture. Short defense bonus. Ranged Support III
Knockdown Recovery /knockdownrecovery 8/0* - Allows you to recovery from Knocked Down state immediately. Novice Marksman
Lethal Shot /lethalshot 15/2 1.3 Higher damage output than Placed Shot, at a higher action cost. Master Marksman
Overcharge Shot /overchargeshot 18/2 1.3 Stronger attack than default, but increases weapon decay. Ranged Support IV
Placed Shot /placedshot 10/1 1.1 Higher damage output than Ranged Shot, at a higher action cost. Rifles II Pistols III Carbines I
Quickdraw /quickdraw 16/2 1.0 Ranged shot with short cooldown timer. Pistols IV
Rapid Fire /rapidfire 18/2 1.2 Ranged shot with high damage capability. Carbines IV
Roll Shot /rollshot 15/2 0.8 Attack target while moving to kneeling posture. Short defense bonus. Ranged Support I

Note: SAC = special attack cost, listed as a percentage of Action/Mind (see Special Attack Costs for details); SAC fields marked with a * are independent of your weapon's SAC cost and will always cost the amount of Action/Mind listed. Dam. Mod. = damage modifier listed is relative to the damage done with the default Ranged Shot attack, and is only listed for the most advanced version of an ability.