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Skill tree
Master Medic
Augmentation IV Ranged Healing IV Support IV Organic Chemistry IV
Augmentation III Ranged Healing III Support III Organic Chemistry III
Augmentation II Ranged Healing II Support II Organic Chemistry II
Augmentation I Ranged Healing I Support I Organic Chemistry I
Novice Medic

Profession Overview[]

Medic is one of the Starting Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Players will learn the art of healing and curing, as well as the ability to crafting Instant Stimpacks and their optional components.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP Requirements to Master:

  • 309,950 Medical XP (granted by healing damage during combat)
  • 10,500 Medicine Crafting XP (granted by successfully crafting Medical items)

Base Skills Overview[]

The basic Medic profession compromises three skill sets that are dependent on each other.


No other profession can help players like Medics can. Two branches are devoted to healing. Within these branches are a few of abilities to heal damage, along with skill mods to increase their effectiveness. Bacta Shot is a close-range heal, while Bacta Toss is a ranged heal and Bacta Spray is a ranged area heal. Doctor and Combat Medic each require their own healing branch from Medic.


A branch that highlights the defensive role of the healer, with the first level of health buff as well as the ability to cure some states. The branch leads to Doctor.

Medicine Crafting[]

The ability to craft low-end Instant Stimpacks. Leads to Bio-Engineer, which has a branch for all advanced medical crafting, including enhancers. While medical crafting is no longer required to be a healer, medicines do increase the efficiency of a healer's abilities.

Related Skill Mods[]

  • Augmentation Efficicency
  • Bio-Suppression Efficiency
  • Healing Efficiency
  • Medical Assembly
  • Medical Experimentation


Name Command Description Granted At
Diagnose /diagnose Displays full report of target's wounds. Medical Support II
Drag Player /drag Enables the Medic to move an incapacitated player. Medical Support IV
Bacta Shot /bactashot Heals yourself or another player within close range. Novice Medic
Bacta Toss /bactatoss Heals yourself or another player within moderate range. Ranged Healing II
Bacta Spray /bactaspray Heals yourself and all others within a small distance. Ranged Healing IV
Stabilizers /stabilizers Attempts to cure at least some states from the target. Medical Augmentation II
Nutrient Injection /nutrientinjection Provides a small percentage increase to the target's health pool for a long period of time. Medical Augmentation IV


  • Advanced Biological Effect Controller
  • Advanced Liquid Suspension
  • Biological Effect Controller
  • Chemical Release Duration Mechanism
  • Dispersal Mechanism
  • Food & Chemical Crafting Tool
  • Infection Amplifier
  • Instant Stimpack - A
  • Instant Stimpack - B
  • Liquid Suspension
  • Resilience Compound
  • Solid Delivery Shell