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Level: 5

Han Solo requests your presence on Dathomir. / Darth Vader requests your presence on Dathomir. / Someone requests your presence on Dathomir.


Recommended combat levels: 1 and higher

Han Solo: I have an important proposition for you. Can you meet me on Dathomir as soon as possible?

Darth Vader: I have an important proposition for you. Meet Captain Piett on Dathomir immediately.

Guri: I have an important proposition for you. Meet me on Dathomir.

Imperials will be contacted by Darth Vader and Rebels will be contacted by Han Solo.

Travel to Dathomir Starport[]

In either case, players are sent to the new Dathomir Starport named Quarantine Zone and told to meet either Captain Firmus Piett, Guri, or Han Solo who'll explain to you what it's all about.

Speak with Han Solo / Speak with Captain Piett / Speak with Guri[]

The three contacts can be found at:

  • Han Solo /way -5663 -6817
  • Captain Firmus Piett /way -5749 -6492
  • Guri /way -5904 -6427

Conversation with Guri[]

Guri: Thank you for coming, %TU.
PC: What is this place and who are you?
Guri: I am Guri, lieutenant to Prince Xizor and this is the Quarantine Zone.
PC: Quarantine?  Is there a disease?
Guri: Well yes, you could call it that. There was an accident at an Imperial Research and Prison Facility and as a result many...well, most in the area have become infected.
PC: How is it spread?
Guri: All research into the problem suggest it is an airborne virus and highly contagious.
PC: There is no cure?
Guri: No, not really. Once you have contracted the virus it will eventually kill the host.
PC: Why haven't the Imperial Navy used orbital bombardment?
Guri: There is reason to believe that Lord Vader himself needs something inside the Research Facility.
PC: I suppose he hasn't had much luck finding someone suicidal.
Guri: Actually, reports show that the Empire has sent in several volunteers.
PC: Are they using Zero-G suits?  How are they avoiding the virus?
Guri: Reports show there is a doctor inside the quarantine zone that is providing an anti-virus. Several sources have confirmed the doctor is in a hold out camp just inside the quarantine zone.
PC: What could possibly be so valuable in this research facility?
Guri: We contacted you because you have already done some fact finding on the subject. The Empire believes they can mutate the virus to make a super soldier. Considering you actually obtained the scientific data on the virus genome without the Empire knowing, you seemed like a resourceful candidate.
PC: Oh that...Why the interest if it kills everyone?
Guri: I guess you aren't completely familiar with the side-effects of the virus then.
PC: Why don't you educate me?
Guri: The virus appears to infect and kill the host rapidly. Not long after the host's death the virus takes over the motor functions of the dead host's body.
PC: Are you telling me that when someone dies the virus re-animates their dead body?
Guri: Yes. We believe this is why the Empire is so interested. They are not researching a live super soldier with special powers. They are interested in cultivating a dead being that is hard to destroy and can spread their own infection to an enemy.
PC: Does their evil know no bounds?
Guri: We need your help, %TU. Can you infiltrate the quarantine zone and beat the Imperials from getting their hands on the virus?
PC: What is Xizor going to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder?
Guri: I assure you Xizor has his own plans and it doesn't involve selling it.
PC: What if I refuse?
Guri: It may be hard to keep the fact that you have the scientific data a secret, %TU. As you have noticed there is a vested interest in keeping it a secret.
PC: So if I don't help, I die, and if I try and fail, I am dead as well.
Guri: But if you try and succeed, Xizor is a very very generous individual.
PC: Well, since I have no choice, might as well tell me your plans.
Guri: The plan is simple. Make your way into the quarantine zone and receive the anti-virus. Once you have obtained a defense against the virus you will need to find the research facility and search for the original strain of the virus.
PC: What if no such strain exists?
Guri: We will be monitoring your progress, %TU. We are certain the strain exists but it is imperative that you arrive before other interested parties. Is there anything else you need to discuss?
PC: So there are survivors of this virus?
Guri: Quite a few based on reports.
PC: Why aren't they being evacuated?
Guri: There have been attempts but most have proven to be fatal to rescue parties.
PC: I see.
Guri: Any other questions?
PC: What symptoms do the infected exhibit?
Guri: Symptoms of the disease are the sudden onset of seizures followed by a phase where the victim appears dead.
PC: And then they just wake up?
Guri: Sometime after death the victim suddenly reanimates and becomes very violent. Any non-infected in the immediate area risk being attacked and, if subdued, eaten by the infected.
PC: Wait...what?  Eaten?
Guri: The infected are apparently in a constant state of hunger which appears to be the motivation for attacking.
PC: This is horrible.
Guri: Any other questions?
PC: How did the virus escape in the first place?
Guri: Lord Vader is convinced the Rebellion is behind the outbreak. We think it was a research accident. Did you have any other questions?
PC: No, I'm ready.
Guri: I have uploaded the details to your datapad. We have procured a stolen Imperial authorization code that shows you are working as an Imperial volunteer. Anyone who examines the authorization will think you are working for Vader himself.

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