Naboo is a lush, green planet filled with magnificent cities and flowing rivers. It has three moons, which are during the night hours. It is usually the next step after Tatooine and is probably the easiest planet in the game. Much of its wildlife is harmless, and, unlike most planets, its main attractions are not in the wilderness.

Naboo is best known for its gorgeous capital of Theed, but it's home to many other cities. One may build homes and facilities on the planet. Creatures that roam the planet vary from veermoks to giant peko peko birds.

Some areas of interest are the Emperor's Retreat, the Dee'ja Peak Waterfall, the Gungan Sacred Place and the Keren Street Race.

NPC cities

Naboo has five NPC cities. These are Dee'ja Peak, Kaadara, Keren, Moenia, and Theed. Many of them are near rivers (Keren), waterfalls (Dee'ja Peak and Theed), swamps (Moenia), or water in general (Kaadara). Moenia, has a reputation as an artist's retreat, and so is left alone by the Empire. It is the planet's Alliance stronghold. Dee'ja Peak is the planet's Imperial stronghold.

The Galactic Moon Festival is celebrated in Moenia.


Naboo architecture makes much use of domes, usually colored green. Players can build structures of this style on Dantooine, Naboo and Rori.

Landscape and weather

Naboo is dominated by rolling hills and grasslands, with a few trees scattered about. There are many lakes and rivers, as well as scenic waterfalls.

Naboo generally has pleasant weather. Rain isn't as common as it is on some other planets. When near a swamp, however, the landscape becomes foggy and the difference between night and day is somewhat blurred, as the sun is barely visible. Moenia is built in this foggy environment.

Planetary data


  • Dee'ja Peak (Imperial Stronghold), Famous for its triple waterfalls.
  • Kaadara, A coastal town near the northern ocean.
  • Keren, Site of the Keren Street Race. A river divides the city into two halves.
  • Lake Retreat, Technically not a city, this secluded spot is near Amidala's Beach.
  • Moenia (Alliance Stronghold), This city is thought of as an artist's retreat, and is in the middle of a foggy swamp.
  • Theed, The magnificent capital of Naboo is home to the planet's ruler. It is also the largest city in Star Wars Galaxies.


  • Amidala's Beach
  • Borvo's Vault
  • Dee'ja Peak Waterfall
  • Emperor's Retreat
  • Gungan Sacred Place
  • Gungan Warrior Stronghold
  • Imperial vs. Gungan Battle
  • Keren Street Race
  • Mauler Stronghold
  • Mordran
  • Naboo Kidnapped Royalty
  • Narglatch Cave
  • Naboo Cave
  • Theed Waterfall
  • Veermok Cave
  • Weapon Development Facility

Planet Collections

Rare Weapons MK I - Collection

  • Rare Melee Weapons Mark I #4 - (2446 -3897)
  • Rare Melee Weapons Mark I #7 - (4620 -1418)
  • Rare Melee Weapons Mark I #9 - (4849 -4616)
  • Rare Melee Weapons Mark I #12 - (5175 6638)
  • Rare Melee Weapons Mark I #15 - (-4927 4229)
  • Rare Pistol Weapons Mark I #10 - (5856 -1883)
  • Rare Rifle Weapons Mark I #7 - (3435 -4722)

Rare Weapons MK II - Collection

  • Rare Pistol Weapons Mark II #5 - (6468 -1305)
  • Rare Pistol Weapons Mark II #7 - (1264 2673)

Lost Imperial Armor - Collection

  • Lost Imperial Scout Trooper Armor #5 - (-6555 -3295)
  • Lost Imperial Shock Trooper Armor #3 - (-6589 5982)
  • Lost Imperial Storm Trooper Armor #7 - (-2724 -7263)
  • Lost Imperial Storm Trooper Armor #8 - (-5044 6665)

Lost Rebel Armor (Assault & Battle) - Collection

  • Lost Rebel Assault Armor #9 - (6343 -6974)
  • Lost Rebel Marine Armor #8 - (-6077 5943)

What a Piece of Junk - Collection

  • What a piece of junk #3 - (5243 6660) Kaadara Spaceport
  • What a piece of junk #8 - (-4771 4190) Theed Starport

Force Shui - Collection

  • Force Shui - Roll #2 - (-5513 -45) - Lake Retreat
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