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Level: 35

You found a piece of an old starmap, Nym seems to be interested in getting the completed map.


Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher

Crashed escape pod

A torn star map

Starting the quest[]

You can start this quest by inspecting a torn star map that is inside of a security box on the outskirts of Narmle, Rori. This starmap spawns every 30 seconds and the whole questline is repeatable once a day.

/wp rori -5724 -2492 Nym's Starmap - Quest start;

The torn map[]

You've found a piece of a starmap and some other documents in a box at a fresh crash site. The documents detail that the owner of the box was to meet the pirate Nym in the Narmle hotel. Maybe you should go talk to him.

  • After inspect the torn star map, make your way over to the Narmle hotel, where you will find Nym in one of the rooms. Talk to him.
/wp rori -5307 -2317 Nym;
  • When speaking to Nym, you have an opportunity to skip the first part of the questline, depending on what you say to him during your conversation.
    • If you wish to skip phase I of the questline, select these conversation options:
      • 1st - I believe you will be interested in what I have though.
      • 2nd - Take a look at this. < hand Nym the documents>
      • 3rd - That's not important. Money on the other hand, is.
      • 4th - Calm down! I found it at a crash site not far from here.
      • 5th - I don't think so. I would like a reward for finding this piece though.
      • 6th - No thank you. Now about that money.

Note: If you skip the first part of the questline, you do NOT receive the Fibertech Steel Plating reward.

  • Choosing to skip Phase I, completes the quest and rewards the player with 1,000 credits and some XP.
    • Speak with Nym again to continue that starmap quest from Phase II.

Phase I[]

Player overlooking Fort Tusken

Entrance to Fort Tusken cave

The ornate box near the pool underneath Fort Tusken

A Needle in the Desert[]

Your only clue to where the second star map piece can be found was left by the treasure hu nter on this job before you.'...apparently a child was taken captive by the natives on the planet of Tatooine. After his rescue, he recalled spotting one of the strangely ornated boxes near a pool in the cave that was his prison'.

  • After speaking with Nym, you will need to go into the caves of Fort Tusken on Tatooine. The closest starport is located in Mos Espa.
    • The cave is full of CL27-31 Tuskens.
/way tatooine -3962 6170 Fort Tusken cave entrance;
  • Inside the cave, you will find an Ornate Box. Click on it.
    • The Ornate Box is guarded by 2 CL31 elite Tuskens.
/way tatooine -3971 6261 Ornate box;
  • After clicking on the Ornate Box, the quest updates.


You've found the first map piece. Return to Nym and see what he's got to say.

  • Return to Nym in the Narmle hotel and speak with him.
  • After a short conversation the quest completes.

Reward: XP and Fibertech Steel Plating

Note: Speak with Nym again to move onto Phase II and continue the questline.

Phase II[]

A slaver camp

A Trandoshan slaver

Trandoshan Thieves[]

Apparently some Trandoshan's on the planet of Kashyyyk stole this map piece. Trandoshans are an aggressive species and slavers are the worst scum of the galaxy. Somehow, you don't think they will just tell you where the map is, so bring your blaster, find some of them, and 'convince' them to give up their belongings.

  • Once finishing the conversation with Nym, you will be asked to head to Kashyyyk to kill some Trandoshan slavers.
  • When you make it to Kashyyyk, head over to either of these Slaver Camps:
/way Kachirho 147 159 Slaver Camp 1;
/way Kachirho 539 254 Slaver Camp 2;
  • At the camp you will find multiple Trandoshan Slavers, slavemasters, and Trandoshan Researchers ranging from CL24-32.
    • Kill them until you find the map fragment you are looking for. Finding the fragment updates the quest.

a bloody clue[]

On the corpse of the Trandoshan you found a fragment of the starmap. Perhaps they tore the map in to smaller pieces and divided it among themselves?

  • You will need to kill more Trandoshans at the camp in order to get all seven of the map fragments.
  • After you find all seven map fragments, the quest will update again.

All the pieces of the puzzle[]

When piecing together the fragments you've found, it looks like you have all of them. Return to Nym with the fragments.

  • Return to Nym in the Narmle hotel and speak with him.
  • After a short conversation the quest completes.

Reward: XP and a Protecto-net Shield

Note: Speak with Nym again to move onto Phase III and continue the questline.

Phase III[]

A planet of death[]

Dathomir is a brutal planet but it's where you have to go to track down the next map piece. This is the clue your predecessor found. 'An Imperial officer had one of the pieces and he never let it leave his pocket. He was stationed on the planet of Dathomir and apparently was killed during a patrol. The only survivor, almost unable to communicate after the attack, rambled on and on about witches of the night and giant spiders.'

  • After another short conversation with Nym, he tasks you to travel to the Nightspider Clan Cave on Dathomir to retrieve the next map piece.
  • Head to Dathomir and start driving towards the Nightspider Clan Cave. The closest starport is Trade Outpost.
/way dathomir -1193 6250 Starmap cave;
  • Once at the cave, head inside and fight(or run) through the ~CL70 Elite NPCs, until you find a Human Skeleton. Click it and the quest will update.
/way dathomir -1086 6128 Human skeleton;

Untangled the web[]

You found what was probably the remains of the Imperial officer and the map was still intact on his corpse. Bring it back to Nym.

  • Make your way out of the cave and return to Nym in the Narmle hotel.
  • After a short conversation with Nym, the quest completes.

Reward: XP and a Quantum Ion Drive

Note: Speak with Nym again to move onto Phase IV and continue the questline.

Phase IV[]

The Lucky Despot Cantina

Han and Chewbacca in their private room

A notorious smuggler[]

Travel to Mos Eisley on Tatooine and find the smuggler Han Solo. Try to find a way to get the starmap piece from him.

  • After, yet another, conversation with Nym, head to the Lucky Despot Cantina in Mos Eisley.
/way tatooine 3330 -4606 Lucky Despot;
  • Once you've arrived, you can locate Han Solo in a small private room to the left when you enter the cantina.
/way tatooine 3404 -4573 Han Solo;
  • After you speak with Han Solo, he tells you he wants 50,000 credits for the starmap piece and the quest updates.

A notorious smuggler[]

Solo wants 50,000 credits for the map piece. You should go back to Nym and let him know.

  • Return to Nym in the Narmle hotel and explain the situation.
  • After you explain the situation to Nym, the quest updates.

Paying a soundrel[]

You have the 50,000 credits that Solo wants for the map piece. Make sure that Solo is giving you the real piece before handing him the money.

  • Head back to the Lucky Despot Cantina in Mos Eisley and talk to Han Solo again.
  • After speaking with Han Solo, the quest updates for a final time.

The last piece[]

You have bought the last map piece from Solo. Return to Nym and reap your rewards.

  • Return to Nym in the Narmle hotel.
  • After a short conversation with Nym, the quest completes.

Reward: XP and a Corellian Beamrail Gauss Cannon