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Level: 22


You have the head from EV-9D9. Watto has the other parts that you found. Go back to Watto and put the droid back together.

Recommended combat levels: 20 and higher

Go to Watto[edit | edit source]

Just talk to Watto in Mos Espa to get the droid assembled.

Conversation with Watto[edit | edit source]

Watto: Ahh, you have the head, I see. Very good, very good.
PC: Can you put this together with the other parts I gave you?
Watto: What do you think this is? I am not your personal repairman.
PC: But you have been saying all this time you would put it together for me.
Watto: Eh, what is that? I said that? Okay, okay... I will do it. Just remember who helped who here.
PC: Hey, what about power?
Watto: Ok, she is powered now, I think. Looks like a very fine droid. Would you be willing to sell it?
PC: No Watto. I told you I need this droid.
Watto: Yes, yes. You did at that. I had to try, eh?
PC: I've come to expect that from you Watto.
Watto: So you are done here now, I think?
PC: Yes, I think I am.
Watto: Well, goodbye outlander. It was not so painful to work with you as I had first thought.
PC: Coming from you Watto, that's quite a compliment.
Watto: Eh, get out.

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