SWG-Restoration Wiki

This collection requires you to save "A Survivor" NPC for each camp, except for Camp Epsilon, a certain number of times.

These survivor NPCs are usually found near all the camps, excluding Camp Epsilon, and are walking in the camp's direction.

Use the overhead map and look around until you see a white moving dot on the radar, this will indicate an NPC marching to the camp.

Head over to the NPC and converse with him/her, a quest acceptance box will pop up. As soon as you accept, 2 CL80(based on player level) Undead NPCs will spawn. They are very slow, so you do not need to kill them.

Escort the NPC to the camp. Once the NPC arrives, the quest will complete. You will receive XP, credits, and progress towards the badge.

Each camp requires a set amount of NPCs to be rescued.

  • Camp Alpha: 30 Survivors
  • Camp Beta: 20 Survivors
  • Camp Gamma: 15 Survivors
  • Camp Delta: 10 Survivors


  • Stay in a radius of 10 meters near the NPC, if you leave the vicinity of the survivor - you will fail the quest.

Reward: XP and a Badge