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Level: 22

  • 6991 XP
  • 9000 Credits
  • Choice of one of these items:
    • Homesteader's DLT-20
    • Homesteader's D-18
    • Homesteader's EE-3
    • Homesteader's E-11


EV-9D9 has had her shipment of droid disciplinary devices stolen by the Valarians. She wants to steal them back. You need to break into the high security area of the Valarian depot, find EV-9D9's cargo, reprogram a lifter to move it to a shuttle using the override chip EV-9D9 has given you. Next, access codes from the head shuttle pilot and then reprogram the cargo shuttle to fly the cargo back to Wayfar.


Recommended combat levels: 20 and higher

Go to Valarian Depot[]

Note: options>misc>"show all object names" will help you to quickly locate the items and get out of there.

EV-9D9: Shock rods received. Next task...Valarians stole equipment... recover it. Details uploaded.

EV-9D9 needs you to return the cargo. You will need to go to Valarian's Depot, near Bestine.

There is another area up on a hill right beside the depot. Note: The NPCs in this high security area are a higher CL than those from the depot.

EV-9D9: Locate my cargo in one of the containers. Once located encode an override chip.

Locate EV-9D9 cargo[]

Find the cargo container. It is the big dark shipment container next to the wall. You will need to click it standing in a correct spot and it can be tricky. If you have trouble, use the tilda key (~ located near esc and 1) to summon the radial menu on it. Rest assured, it does indeed work.

EV-9D9: Cargo located. Give the lifter the chip in your inventory and it will load my cargo into a shuttle.

Drag and Drop the Override Chip onto the Load Lifter[]

Drag and Drop the Override Chip onto the nearby binary load lifter. It's the green robot thing walking around near by. You need to drag and drop the chip from your inventory onto the npc while standing up close to it.

EV-9D9: Lifter reprogramed. Next gain access codes to automated shuttle from head pilot. Terminate if necessary.

Kill the Pilot[]

Kill the pilot Rando M' Kabe (Level 22) in the nearby building.

EV-9D9: Reprogram automated cargo shuttle.

Reprogram Cargo Shuttle[]

It is just beside the cargo container.

EV-9D9: Shuttle arrived at Wayfar. Return for next assignment.

Return to EV-9D9[]

Head back to EV-9D9 at Jabba's Palace.

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