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Previous Quest: << Repair the Altar of Inner Calm

Level: 90

Repair the damaged altar in the wilds of Dathomir.


Recommended combat level: 80

Investigate the Altar[]

The Altar of Dominance

Investigate the Altar of Dominance to determine how you might repair it.

  • Head over to the waypoint provided.
  • Upon arrival, you will see the Altar of Dominance - click on it and the quest updates.

Repair the Altar[]

Craft parts for the Altar of Dominance to replace the damaged parts. It's vital that the parts are crafted to meet expectations of the Witches.

  • You will be given a draft schematic for Altar of Dominance Repair Parts in your datapad.
    • If you open your datapad and examine the schematic, you will notice that there are four resource attributes:
      • Dark
      • Light
      • Wisdom
      • Power
  • The altar has a little riddle that tells the player what the values of Dark, Light, Wisdom, and Power should be for the repair parts.
  • Examine the Altar of Dominance to see the riddle.

You must understand what actions might inspire those around you. You must then match your actions to the nature of those around you.

Repair parts that are eligible

  • This is asking the player to create the repair parts with equal Dark, Light, Wisdom, and Power values.
    • An example that is eligible:
      • Light: 3
      • Dark: 3
      • Wisdom: 3
      • Power: 3
    • An example that is NOT eligible:
      • Light: 4
      • Dark: 3
      • Wisdom: 4
      • Power: 3
  • Once you've crafted the Altar of Dominance Repair Parts, head back to the Altar of Dominance.
  • Click on the altar and the quest updates.

Return to the Nightsister Sage[]

You have repaired the Altar, you should return to the Nightsister Sage with the news.

  • Head back to the Nightsister Stronghold, upon arrival speak with Sage N'um.

Sage N'um: Did you repair the second altar?
You: I did.

This completes the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

Reward: 4 Whuffa Leather and 3 Random Valuables

Sage N'um: Two down and two to go. Are you ready for the next shrine?
You: Yes. Just tell me where it is.
Sage N'um: So, this is where you will find the third shrine.

Following Quest: Repair the Altar of Wisdom >>