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Level: 18


Watto has told you about the second motivator part you need to rebuild the missing droid from Tansarii Station. You need to recover the part.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Repo Speeder Part[edit | edit source]

Get the booster controller from Pah's speeder in Mos Espa. Head to (-2871 2587) and click on the USV-5 Modified Landspeeder. The landspeeder is guarded by four hostile NPCs: Hilbrun, Eyleen, Tiomvo and Guz'Ordnak.

Return to Watto[edit | edit source]

Return to Watto.

Conversation with Watto[edit | edit source]

Watto: Very good! You have the booster. The next part is the diagnostic controller. Without this the droid will not self-correct and will deviate from its normal behavior within minutes.
PC: Where can I find the diagnostic controller?
Watto: That's the tough part, I sold it to a man who said he was looking for someone he thought was lost in the squill caves.
PC: What are squills?
Watto: Humanoid animals. They are vicious and cruel. You should be very careful if you try to recover this part.
PC: I will be careful, just give me the location.
Watto: Ok, the cave and very likely your grave can be found here.
PC: Thanks for the optimism.
Watto: Eh, leave me alone.

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