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Level: 90

Descend into the research facility to carry out your mission.


Recommended combat level: 80

Find the Cryogenics Laboratory[]

You know the location in the facility. All you have to do is get there alive.

  • Head down into the Underground Research Facility to the waypoint provided. Once you arrive the quest updates.

Search Cryogenic Stores[]

Search cryogenic storage units in the cryogenics laboratory.

  • Inside the Cryogenics Laboratory, there are 6 Cryogenics Storage Units. Click on all 6 of them to update the quest.

Search Office[]

Search the office of Doctor Griffax Jin to see if you can find anything.

  • Enter the small room that the waypoint brings you to and click on the Science Console. It tells you that authorization is required. This updates your quest.

Science Access Key[]

A science access key must be around here somewhere. Maybe there is one on an undead scientist. Find a scientist and take his key.

  • Enter the other small room that the waypoint brings you to and kill the Undead Cryogenic Laboratory Scientist(CL80 Elite) to take his key.
  • Once you've kill them, return to the Science Console and select Restricted Cryogenic Storage - Unmutated Strain. This completes the quest.

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