SWG-Restoration Wiki

The Underground Research Facility in the Quarantine Zone holds 10 items one can collect.

/way dathomir -7377 -7356 A Cracked Datapad;
/way dathomir -7535 -7455 A Frequency Scanner (Behind Cornburr);
/way dathomir -7506 -7411 A personal Locator;
/way dathomir -7374 -7470 A Medical Canister;
/way dathomir -7391 -7550 Patients Records;
/way dathomir -7494 -7467 A Supply Crate;
/way dathomir -7278 -7575 An Emergency Generator;
/way dathomir -7269 -7445 An Auto Syringe;
/way dathomir -7431 -7507 A Stuffed Star Destroyer (Behind the Undead Rancor spawn point);
/way dathomir -7316 -7518 A Broken Rifle;

Reward: XP and progress towards the Camp Collectables Badge