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The Combat Upgrade Lives Again!

Return to the greatest era of Star Wars galaxies, the Combat Upgrade!

Restoration III is the first and only Pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies private server to feature the JTL expansion.

Rage of The Wookies expansion is included on Restoration III. Return to the planet that launched with the Combat Upgrade, and relive the adventure!

The Trials of Obi-Wan was released just one week prior to the end of the Combat Upgrade. On Restoration III, you finally have the chance to fully play this exciting expansion in the CU. Return to where it all ended, and forge a new path!

Restoration III also includes most NGE content, tweaked and balanced for the Combat Upgrade. Experience the Legacy Questline, the Dathomir Quarentine Zone, and Heroics such as The Battle of Hoth, IG-88, The Tusken King, and much more, in a way you've never played them before!

Join us, and return to the greatest Star Wars Saga ever told…..








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