Skill tree
Master Scout
Exploration IV Trapping IV Hunting IV Survival IV
Exploration III Trapping III Hunting III Survival III
Exploration II Trapping II Hunting II Survival II
Exploration I Trapping I Hunting I Survival I
Novice Scout

Profession Overview[edit | edit source]

Scout is one of the Starting Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Scouting skills enable a player to perform more efficiently in the wilderness, from traversing terrain quickly to trapping animals to building campsites to heal in.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

XP requirements to Master:

  • 171,500 Scouting XP (granted for harvesting creature resources, successful use of Mask Scent, and using Camps) Crafting camps still awards wilderness survival experience, which has been combined into Scouting experience. This is a bug.
  • 91,000 Trapping XP (granted for successfully using a trap on a creature during combat)

Base Skills Overview[edit | edit source]

The basic Scout profession compromises different skill sets, three leading to elite/hyrbid professions.

Exploration[edit | edit source]

The Exploration branch grants Terrain Negotiation and Burst Run Efficiency mods to the player. These mods allow a player to move over ragged terrain more efficiently, as well as reducing the HAM used for the Burst Run ability. The Exploration line also contains the excellent Mask Scent ability.

Trapping[edit | edit source]

Scouts with Trapping skills can use a variety of crafted traps on MOBs they attack. Traps carry a wide variety of effects, from stunning a MOB to decreasing its movement speed.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

As a player progresses through the Hunting branch, they become much more efficient at harvesting resources from animals. Additionally, they gain a large amount of knowledge about animals they come across, which allows them to determine many vital statistics about a target.

Survival[edit | edit source]

Survival involves using crafted campsites to heal while outside a city. More advanced campsites allow players to heal faster. Wounds can be healed in a campsite, but Battle Fatigue cannot.

Related Skill Mods[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name Command Description Granted At
Mask Scent /maskscent Masks the character's scent, preventing aggressive creatures from attacking. Exploration II
Harvest Corpse /harvest resourcetype Gathers the specified resource type from the targeted creature corpse. Novice Scout
Forage /forage Searches the area for organic resources. Survival I

Schematics[edit | edit source]

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