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Level: 20



Malakili has the shock rods that EV-9D9 needs to help maintain discipline amongst her droids.

Recommended combat levels: 20 and higher

Talk to Malakili[edit | edit source]

Go to see Malakili, located at the bottom of the spiral staircase, to get the following tasks.

Conversation with Malakili[edit | edit source]

Malakili: What do you want?

PC: EV-9D9 says you won't give her those shock rods.

Malakili: That sadistic bucket of bolts sent you here to muscle me?

PC: Not muscle ... reason.

Malakili: Great, you going to make me an offer?

PC: Sure, what do you need?

Malakili: I got some responsibilities that I can't handle right now. Jabba has presented me with a great present...

PC: Present?

Malakili: Jabba has given me a Rancor. It is sickly from its journey so I have to tend it night and day. But I have other duties as well. If you want the rods then help me with these duties.

PC: What duties?

Malakili: First the Sarlacc must be cured. Then I have a problem with the Tuskens. Finally Jabba wants some DNA retrieved.

PC: Sarlacc?

Malakili: Jabba takes his sail barge to the Great Pit of Carkoon to feed his enemies to the Sarlacc, but the sail barge's constant presence has scared off the Sarlacc's natural prey, the Jundland Eopie. Now the Sarlacc is not getting the right food and is falling ill. Feed it the intact livers from the Jundland Eopies to keep it healthy. The key is intact livers; broken livers will not work.


Malakili: There is a krayt dragon skeleton out in the dunes. I have been asked by Jabba to get a sample of its DNA. The skeleton is supposed to be  an ancient krayt dragon more powerful than any dragon before or since. Jabba wants to use the DNA in experiments.

PC: Tuskens?

Malakili: I normally use the Tuskens for these tasks, but something has spooked them. They say  they  hear  the spirit of a great and ancient krayt dragon haunting the desert to the northeast. I think it's just that old hermit stirring up trouble. You need to go to the hermit's home and get me proof.

PC: I can help you.

Malakili: Oh really? Ok here is a list of tasks I need done. Get them done and she gets the shock rods, ok?

PC: Its as good as done.

Malakili: Good to hear that.

Retrieve DNA[edit | edit source]

This is next to the Great Krayt Skeleton POI, and is a skeleton of a Krayt foot.

Discover the Truth[edit | edit source]

A Worn Bag outside the Kenobi Homestead, it is sitting on the crate just outside the door. It's guarded by Tuskens (CL 17-21) Tip: options>misc>"show all object names" will help you to quickly locate the item and get out of there.

Kill Jundland Eopie[edit | edit source]

Kill Jundland eopies (Kill these to collect 5 livers, CL 18).

Feed the Sarlacc[edit | edit source]

When you have finish killing eopies, feed the nearby Sarlacc by standing in the mission waypoint (You'll get poisoned for a while).

Malakili: Very good. I have sent EV-9D9 her requested shock rods and I have credited your account.

When you are done, EV-9D9 will contact you to confirm that it received the shock rods. You will then be sent to Lady Valarian's high-security compound near Bestine.

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