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TIE/In Fighter
TIE/In Fighter
Certification Advanced TIE Combat Craft Operations
Mass ~80k
Role Medium fighter
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x1
Ordnance x1
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 400
Deceleration 600
Yaw Rate 300
Pitch Rate 300
Roll Rate 200
Speed Modifier 0.97
Pictures Official screenshots

Game Info[]

The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln "line" Space Superiority Starfighter is available to Imperial Pilots at Advanced Combat Craft certification. This has a larger mass than the standard TIE Fighter and thus can carry greater weapons and armor.

  • TIE/ln Chassis Blueprints

Star Wars Lore[]

The TIE/ln, a descendant of the TIE Fighter developed for the Galactic Republic, was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. Its design was inspired from Scimitar and the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor.

While highly maneuverable, the TIE/ln had no combat shields. It did not carry missile tubes, but such weapons could be added on if necessary. Life-support systems were not usually included, but each TIE pilot had a fully-sealed flight suit superior to their Rebel counterparts. The absence of a hyperdrive rendered the fighter totally dependent on carrier ships when deployed in enemy systems. Because of all of these weaknesses, TIEs were designed to attack in large numbers, overwhelming the enemy craft.

Despite the aforementioned design features/flaws, TIE/ln laser cannons were relatively strong, and a direct hit on a starfighter or medium transport could damage or destroy it.

From the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, the Emperor has stressed that the conflict will be a war of attrition. Nowhere is that philosophy more evident than in the design and tactics of the staple starfighter of the Imperial Navy, the TIE fighter. TIE fighters are meant to overwhelm enemy forces in huge numbers and have therefore been designed for speed and affordability rather than resilience. The TIE fighter is built around twin ion engine technology and is among the fastest and most maneuverable craft in the galaxy. The TIE fighter can outrun most Alliance vehicles. And while the TIE fighter’s standard laser cannons are not very powerful on their own, when dozens of TIE fighters attack simultaneously, they can demolish anything in their path.

The TIE/ln is the direct result of the continual evolution of the TIE fighter design. Revisions in the design brought on by analysis of engagements in which the TIE fighter participated have directed the implementation of little changes to the design which have reached their current level of development in the TIE/ln. This improved TIE can carry a slightly heavier load of weaponry and avionics. The only externally visible difference between the TIE/ln and the TIE is that the newer revision is a slightly darker color.


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