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Han Solo now sets you on a very small quest to get a kit that will allow you to customize the color of the speeder.

Level: 1
Reward: Vehicle Customization Kit (the kit is marked as Shared No Trade)


Find Pall and talk to him. Han says he'll give you a customization kit for your speeder.

 /wp tatooine 3526 -4618 Pall 


Recommended combat levels: 1 and higher

Han Solo is Trying to Contact You[edit | edit source]

Han Solo (coming over the commlink): Sorry, someone was jamming me. Anyway, now that you have a speeder go talk to my friend Pall. He can give you a customization kit for it.

Find Pall[edit | edit source]

Pall is right outside Mos Eisley, next to a Vehicle Garage at (3526 -4618)

Pall: You must be Han's buddy. You tell him this is it, my debt's paid off. I can't just hand these things out, you know?

Tip: At this time, if you choose, you can open your inventory, find the customization kit, and use the ("~") on it, which will allow you to choose from several selections which will change the exterior color and trim color of the speeder.

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