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Level: 22

  • 150 XP
  • 20 Rebel Faction


Carh'la Bastra is sending you off to her superior on Naboo with the information that you recovered.

Recommended combat levels: 1 and higher

Carh'la Bastra: Hmm. The droid's data might be of interest to Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel in Kaadara on Naboo. Go there and contact him. You can get to Naboo from any starport on Tatooine.

Your job on Tatooine is finished, yet your work is not. Carh'la Bastra wants you to go to the city of Kaadara on Naboo and speak to her superior there.

Go to the Rebel Agent on Naboo[edit | edit source]

Go to Kaadara on Naboo. Find Special Agent Wison Tchorchel. He will help you in your efforts on Naboo to find the droid AI. Good luck and may the Force be with you.

Like the descriptions suggest, go to the planet Naboo and land in Kaadara. There will be a waypoint to Special Agent Wison Tchorchel (4939, 6693). Speak to the Tchorchel.

Conversation with Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel[edit | edit source]

Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel: Over here, but keep your voice low.
PC: Carh'la Bastra sent me to you.
Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel: She told me to expect you. She says you've done good work for our cause thus far. That is good news, but we're not done yet. The droid that you assembled on Tatooine is missing critical components.  It is an obscure Old Republic model, but you may find some of the parts here on Naboo.
PC: Yes. What is the next step?
Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel: There is an old war bunker on the beach near here. Rumor is that experimentation was conducted on Trade Federation droids at this bunker leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Go to that bunker and search for any remnants of those droids or clues as to where to find an example of their AI.
PC: I'm on my way.
Special Agent Wilson Tchorshel: Excellent. Return to me once you've found any information about the Old Republic experimental droid AI.

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