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Rihkxyrk Attack Ship
Certification Exotic Vessels
Mass ~190k

269k on SWG Legends

Role Bomber
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x3
Ordnance x1
Countermeasure x1
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 400
Deceleration 400
Yaw Rate 100
Pitch Rate 100
Roll Rate 50
Speed Modifier 0.97
Pictures Textures
  • Style 1
  • Style 2
  • Style 3
  • Style 4

The Rihkxyrk Attack ship is a heavy assault fighter built by TransGalMeg Industries. Freelance Pilots with Exotic Vessels certification may pilot one of these independent bombers. With three weapons pods and an ordinance bay, the Rihkxyrk can bring devastating firepower to any space battle, though they are not as nimble as many smaller ships.

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  • Rihkxyrk Attack Ship Chassis Blueprints - Style 2
  • Rihkxyrk Attack Ship Chassis Blueprints - Style 3
  • Rihkxyrk Attack Ship Chassis Blueprints - Style 4

Pilot Commentary[]

Being a relatively sluggish ship hasn't made the "Rihkxyrk" (rik-zerk) a push-over. Quite the contrary. The defenses and weapon load of most "Rihkxyrk" assault fighters is frightening, and is their hallmark. It can be very demoralizing to line up a "Rihkxyrk" in your sights and salvo off missiles and cannon pulses only to see them sloughed off by heavy-duty shielding systems and thick, heavy armor. Most "Rihkxyrk" pilots are an unflappable group, developing a high level of confidence in themselves and their machines after wading through heavy fire and coming through undamaged.

The strength of the Rihkxyrk is best found as part of a group. Its slower maneuverability make it an easy target in solo "high Tier" or PVP fighting. But when combined with another Rihkxryk, or in combination with more nimble wing men, it is an excellent lead platform for Gunship and Corvette missions. Its ability to be decked out with exceptional armor and weaponry, give it the staying power to burn through weapons and shields, allowing the others to then overwhelm the target.

Two fighting together can easily cover each other in a Dogfight, even against the nimblest of fighters, A-Wings and Tie Interceptors.

Additionally, in teamwork scenarios, it can often take the brunt of an initial barrage allowing others to follow, then creep away for repairs at the nearest Space Station, while the rest of the team keeps the scenario going.


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