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Level: 15


The Valarian crime syndicate bought a portion of the cargo. According to your handler, the Rebel Carh'la Bastra, that portion of the cargo was trans-shipped to a storage yard up in the mountains near Bestine. You need to infiltrate the facility and get a full inventory of what the Valarians bought.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Infiltrate the Valarian Depot[edit | edit source]

The Valarians are involved with the missing droid parts, and you need to investigate one of their depots in order to see what they have stolen, and why. Head to the Valarian Smugglers Depot (-1565 -3440).

Captain Carh'la Bastra / Commander Barrezz: I need you to go into the depot and check the manifests on each of those cargo pallets. Those pallets are part of the smuggled cargo from Tansarii Station and may contain what we're looking for.

Inventory Pallets[edit | edit source]

When you arrive you will be given 5 more waypoints, to shipping pallets you need to investigate. The Valarians (CL9-11) will not be happy about you snooping about however, so expect a fight.

  • Pallet #1 (-1673 -3291)
  • Pallet #2 (-1615 -3330)
  • Pallet #3 (-1662 -3339)
  • Pallet #4 (-1703 -3337)
  • Pallet #5 (-1693 -3313)

Once all of the pallets are searched, the quest updates, and you can choose a reward.

Captain Carh'la Bastra / Commander Barrezz: Good job on getting through the Valarian's depot. The last place to check out is a Darklighter storage facility. I am uploading the information now.

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