Talking to Watto

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Level: 17


Watto can help you with the droid, but he needs you to collect some speeder parts that were never paid for.

Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

Conversation with Watto[edit | edit source]

Watto: Good day to you. What do you want?
PC: I am looking to purchase a droid.
Watto: Ahh...thee has come to the right place, I think. I have many droids.
PC: This is a special droid.
Watto: Then thee must be willing to pay a special price, no?
PC: The droid came in with a special cargo from Tansarii Station.
Watto: I know this droid. It has already been sold. You can't have it.
PC: Could you tell me who bought it? I must get this droid.
Watto: What do you think I am? You come in here wanting me to give you directions to buy a droid from someone else? Well, it's not going to happen!
PC: Maybe I could do something for you in exchange?
Watto: Ah yes, maybe you could at that. There are these deadbeats that have something of mine. You could get it back from them, I think.
PC: Where are these...'deadbeats'?
Watto: Here in Mos Espa still. I will show you on your datapad.
PC: I will return shortly.

Kill Thieves and Recover Watto's Parts[edit | edit source]

Watto is happy to help you, as long you you help him. He's a businessman, after all. First, he needs some things recovered. Travel to the slum thieves (CL13) (-3165 2165). They will notably stun you while ranged, among other debuffs. Kill them until you receive what Watto is missing. Once the quest updates, return and speak with Watto.

Conversation with Watto[edit | edit source]

Watto: Not bad, not bad. You have my parts. They will think twice before stealing from m'e again, eh?
PC: Now, how about that information?
Watto: What information is it you want?
PC: Don't play games with me, Watto.
Watto: Ah yes, the lost droid. You see, I broke it up. It is no more.
PC: What!? Why you little blue flying...
Watto: But I know where some of the parts went. If you get them for me I can help you rebuild it.
PC: Where are the parts, Watto?
Watto: I don't know where all of them are. I will find out. I do know the chassis was sold to Peggin. You can find him across town. Here is his address.
PC: Thanks

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