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This series of quests starts off the Witches of Dathomir Theme Park.

In these quests, you are sent to explore the far reaches of Dathomir, and also get to decide which of the Singing Mountain Clan or Nightsisters you will choose to support in the main part of the storyline. The various quests in this prologue are designed so that they can be completed by any player, whether they are a combat character, Artisan or Entertainer. In the main section of the Theme Park, there are profession specific missions.

Talk to Omogg's Representative at the Dathomir Trade Outpost to start this questline.

Omogg's representative

/wp dathomir 552 3074 Omogg's Representative;

Omogg's Representative: Hey you! Are you interested in making some easy credits?
You: Easy credits? Excuse me if I'm a little skeptical.
Omogg's Representative: All I need is for you to take a quick trip out to a couple of scenic spots not too far away. I'm collecting pictures, sales material actually, for the planet. I need pictures that will make Dathomir look like a beautiful and peaceful planet.
You: Dathomir? Beautiful? Peaceful?
Omogg's Representative: It's just a little harmless marketing.
You: Why not, I'll take the job.
Omogg's Representative: Perfect. Your first stop will be some local Waterfalls.

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